Contribute to the William L. Young Neuroscience Research Award

SNACC aims to front load the William L. Young Research Award with a minimum $100,000 and the Society has already committed $50,000 from its reserve funds. Our goal now is to raise an additional $50,000 from our membership and friends. Separately we will be pursuing one-off contributions from groups and institutions independent of SNACC to pump prime the research fund. We will also provide the opportunity for SNACC members to make regular contributions when they renew their annual membership dues.

We now urge all SNACC members to make a one-time gift to the William L. Young Research Award. We have pledges from 100% of current officers and board members to do so. We ask everybody to be as generous as possible and urge long standing members to consider using the following formula to guide their minimum donation. For those who have been SNACC members for more than five years, the Society suggests donating a minimum gift of $25 for each year of membership, i.e. $250 per decade. SNACC will provide an acknowledgement letter to each donor for tax purposes. SNACC is a 501(c)3 organization, and contributions are tax deductible for US members but tax arrangements may vary in other countries.

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